Adult Connection

Recommending a Young Adult

Young adults who enter the Connections Homes program are often referred from a partner organization or individual connected with both Connections Homes and young adults 18 – 24 without family. In some cases, it is fine for a young adult to recommend themselves to the program; often young adults will hear about us through a friend who’s benefited from connection. Here are a few criteria that our team is looking for throughout the acceptance process:

The Need for Connection – Our program is based on creating lifelong, stable adult connections for young adults who don’t have consistent or healthy family relationships at their disposal as they navigate the path to fully independant adulthood. Our acceptance process takes a look at the relationships that are in place in a young adult’s life to determine whether an adult connection is needed.

Housing Stability – The Connections Homes program is relationship driven, not housing driven. We take into consideration the stability of the young adult in their current living situation and rarely recommend that a young adult move into the home of their adult connection; living together often hinders the long-term success of the relationship.

Desire for Connection – There is both responsibility and accountability that accompany a successful connection. It’s important that a young adult accepts the responsibility of being relationally invested in the new connection so that it can grow (i.e. completing Connections Homes paperwork, returning phone calls, meeting regularly and communicating regularly) and the accountability of relationship (i.e. being able to handle conflict, discuss goals and plans, and have difficult conversations when necessary without breaking relationship).

Openness – Our number one goal is to make a great match between a young adult and their adult connection. In order to do so, it’s important that the young adult provides us with truthful and open information about their desires, habits and personality so that we can match them with a connection who understands them.

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Disqualifying Criteria:

There are three criteria that would disqualify a youth from acceptance into the program and match to a Mentoring Family:

  • Inability to live independently (our families are not adult special needs qualified).
  • Active drug addiction (we will suggest resources for rehab and recovery prior to matching to a Mentoring Family).
  • Lack of desire for connected relationship. Many times a youth feels forced into being matched by pressure from someone or pressure from a current crisis circumstance. Because our goal is a healthy lifelong relationship, we find that matches based on a short-term crisis aren’t healthy for the long-haul. We will screen for a true desire from the youth for a Mentoring Family.

Acceptance Process

Once a recommendation is received the young adult and the individual submitting the referral will receive a call that will begin the acceptance process. There are four simple steps to the acceptance process:

Initial Interview – A Connections Homes team member will conduct a short telephone interview with the young adult to fill in any gaps in the information received on the recommendation form and to get to to know them. This is a great time for the young adult to ask any questions that they may have about how the program works. Following this meeting the young adult will receive an email with links to their paperwork and background check forms.

Paperwork, Background Check – The paperwork is designed to take the young adult less than an hour. We will conduct a state of GA criminal background check on every young adult entering the program who is not a part of a partner program.

Acceptance Interview – Once all paperwork is received a member of the Connections Homes team will meet with the young adult either via video call or in person to conduct the final acceptance interview.

Matching – After a young adult is accepted into the program, our team will begin looking for an acceptable adult connection for them. The main criteria that we look at includes location and proximity to the young adult so that meeting and building relationship is easier, we also look at the likes/dislikes of the young adult and the issues inventory to make a match that will flow easily in relationship.

Connection Process – Once our team has found a match that we think a young adult will enjoy, we will give the young adult a chance to review the adult connection’s information and approve moving forward. After the young adult gives their approval we will arrange an initial meeting and will monitor and support the relationship for a minimum of one year.