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Can you imagine being 18 and alone?

Right now, many youth are waiting for connection.
Let’s step into their story!

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The Problem

  • In the states we serve, there are nearly 3,300 youth who transition out of foster care without a safe and stable support system.
  • Due to factors beyond their control, these youth are highly likely to remain stuck in a generational, cyclical state of dependency which costs the community approximately $56,000 annually per person in public assistance and economic costs.

You Can Help Aged-Out Foster Youth Move From Pain To Purpose

The statistics describing aged-out foster youth are heart-breaking, but after nine years of operation, we know that connection makes all the difference.


"What was broken in relationship can only be restored in relationship."


Without Safe Connection

  • Without mentors, 97% of aged-out foster youth will face homelessness, chronic poverty, sex trafficking or worse.
  • 71% of girls exiting foster care will become pregnant in the first year.
  • 81% of boys who age out of foster care will be arrested, mostly for survival crimes.

With Redemptive Connection

  • 93% of youth matched with a Mentoring Family through our Don’t Go Alone program (DGA) are pursuing educational goals.
  • <5% of girls matched through DGA have experienced unplanned pregnancy.
  • <1% of boys matched through DGA have had any interaction with the law.

For every $1 you invest, you save the community nearly $4 in public assistance and economic costs!

Your gift today will change the trajectory for aged-out foster youth who have no one.

Impact You Can Trust

Your Gift Will Help Young Mothers Like Megan

Megan, who entered foster care at age 7, reached her lowest point in life after high school. She was working at a fast food restaurant, living in a tiny trailer with 10 other people, and struggling with depression. But everything changed when she was matched with  Jery and Martha. Today, she is thriving! Watch her story!

Your Generosity Will Support College Students Like Jamie

After experiencing a traumatic childhood, Jamie was terrified when he realized he was about to age out of foster care. But everything changed for the better when his lifelong Mentoring Family stepped into his story. Watch his story!

Give Now to Open Doors of Belonging & Family for Youth Who Are Doing Life Alone

Gifts of all amounts are greatly needed and truly appreciated. Every penny makes a difference!

Just look what your gift can do! ...

For every one dollar you invest, you save the community nearly $4 in public assistance and economic costs.

  • $15,000 can create one lifelong connection and saves the community $56,000 by preventing chronic poverty and homelessness. This investment covers recruiting youth and families, certification, trauma-informed training, continuing education, relationship management and ongoing support.
  • $1,200 ($100/month) can provide opportunities for youth and families to experience playful activities and togetherness, which is scientifically proven to assist in healing trauma.
  • $30 per month (the cost of one or two lattes per week), provides trauma-informed education, curriculum and improvements to support one lifelong connection!
  • $250 can sponsor the trauma-informed certification of one Mentoring Family.

Your gift can brighten birthdays, holidays, and every day for aged-out foster youth who are lacking safe and stable connections.

Before we ring in the new year, let’s come together to create connections that last a lifetime!

Thank You!

Thank you for partnering with us to make lifelong connection possible for youth 18-24 who have been deeply affected by foster care, adoption or homelessness!