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A Framework for Mentoring Teens & Young Adults Into a Thriving Adulthood

In “Redemptive Connection,” Pam Parish offers a heartfelt guide for those looking to support and uplift teens and young adults making the journey from challenging pasts to promising futures. With stories straight from the heart and practical strategies grounded in evidence, Pam provides a lifeline for mentors, parents, and caregivers alike.

More than just a manual, “Redemptive Connection” is a heartfelt invitation to join a mentoring journey that can truly change lives. If you’re committed to guiding young adults toward futures filled with hope, resilience, and fulfillment, then this book is a must-have resource for you.

“I admire Pam deeply as a friend and as a CEO, and it’s a delight to feel her joy and wisdom on every page of Redemptive Connection. She writes with authority because she’s earned every word; and she’s a great teacher because she’s been a voracious learner.”

Scott KauffmannPraxis

“Pam Parish writes with an exquisite blend of honesty, humility, expertise, humor, and profound experience. In 'Redemptive Connection,' she masterfully guides readers through the complexities of trauma experienced by young adults, offering a supportive pathway toward a thriving and joyful adulthood. The book meticulously unpacks the trauma stemming from abuse, neglect, and unstable childhoods, providing step-by-step insight that encourages introspection and the capacity to foster healing in others. As I read, I found myself engrossed, revisiting sections, and wishing I had access to such a resource earlier in my career with vulnerable children and families—and even while parenting my own children. 'Redemptive Connection' is an indispensable read for anyone in the helping professions, whether they are novices or seasoned experts.”

Lynn A. JohnsonPresident and Founder, ALL IN Fostering Futures

“As a therapist specializing in adoption and foster care, I found 'Redemptive Connection' to be an essential read. Each chapter eagerly unveils a model rooted in grace, compassion, and love—a blueprint that all parents, especially those parenting, mentoring, or working with young adults, should embrace. Over my years in practice, I've witnessed many parents reach the brink of despair. This book not only offers fresh insights but also instills a hope that many might think unattainable. I urge therapists and family service professionals to not only read but also integrate and teach the principles laid out in this transformative guide.”

Amy L. Curtis, PhDSenior Director of Counseling Services
at Buckner Children and Family Services

“Through Redemptive Connection, Pam emphasizes the importance of meaningful and intentional relationships that can transform the future of youth aging out of foster care. The book offers a step-by-step guide through a “Redemptive Framework” to equip families and service providers with effective tools for impacting the trajectory of the youth they love and serve. Pam’s dedication to the work of Connections Homes is inspiring. She is changing lives and inviting others to participate in the stories of young adults.”

Robyn SmithConnections Homes, Board Chair and Jackson Healthcare, CHRO

“I recently had the privilege of reading 'Redemptive Connection,' and I was profoundly moved by its timely insights. As a trauma professional and a parent currently navigating personal challenges, I found the book incredibly affirming and enlightening. The author's vulnerability breathes life into every page, making complex concepts relatable and actionable. Particularly impactful were the discussions on maintaining a healthy balance of vulnerability with our children, the innovative concept of harmful felt safety, and the practical G.R.A.C.E. framework, which deserves a spot on every refrigerator. This book is a must-read for caregivers eager to understand their own stories and how these influence their caregiving. It's a comprehensive, honest, and deeply necessary resource that promises to make a significant impact on its readers. I'm grateful for the opportunity to endorse this work and hope it reaches everyone who needs its wisdom.”

TaylorWatch Me Rise

“Redemptive Connection is a profoundly insightful guide for parents navigating the complexities of children transitioning into adulthood, especially those with trauma histories. As an adoptive mom and a mentor to others on this journey, Pam's words deeply resonated with me, addressing thoughts I have long grappled with. Her book offers wisdom for loving our adult children with Redemptive Connection , mirroring the example set by Jesus. I wholeheartedly recommend this book to any parent seeking to cultivate healthy and connected relationships with their children throughout their lives. This is a book I will revisit for years!”

Tera MelberMA, founding director of Resound Trauma Education, LLC.

About The Author

Pam Parish is a transformative figure in the realm of fostering connections and providing hope for young adults in need. As the three-time author, founder, and CEO of Connections Homes, an Atlanta-based organization, she has dedicated her life to impacting the lives of those who are aging out of foster care, homeless, or lacking familial support.

With her husband Steve, Pam is the proud parent of eight young adult daughters, each entering their lives through unique paths—one through birth and seven through the profound gifts of foster care and adoption. Her personal experiences as a mother have undoubtedly shaped her compassionate and empathetic approach to her work.

In her latest literary endeavor, “In Redemptive Connection,” Pam Parish offers a compelling and heartfelt guide for individuals seeking to uplift and support teenagers and young adults transitioning from tumultuous pasts to promising futures. Drawing upon her extensive experience working with those aging out of the foster care system, Pam seamlessly weaves together poignant narratives with evidence-based strategies, providing mentors, parents, and caregivers with invaluable insights and tools.

Pam Parish

Founder & CEO of Connections Homes