Project Holy Land 2023

FIRM, Fellowship of Israel Related Ministries, is a non-profit based in Jerusalem, Israel, with offices in the U.S. They host an annual tour titled, “Jerusalem Encounter” that is designed for guests to encounter the land and the people of Israel so they can:

  1. Discover God’s heart for Israel and the nations.
  2. Connect with Israeli believers and others from around the world.
  3. Engage with what God is doing in Israel today.

Tour members are sent on a life-changing journey as they explore ancient ruins where Jesus walked and encounter the modern miracle of the land, culture, and people. Believers will experience Israel, the world of the Bible, and enrich thier relationship with Jesus as they discover the roots of their faith.

The expense is approximately $5,000 per person, all-in, to send these young adults to Israel. In 2023 the plan is for 17 people to go, including the 13 young adults who recently aged out of foster care.

Ty Montgomery’s 501(c)(3) foundation, My 10 Percent, will raise the funds and, alongside Connections Homes and FIRM, will publicize the effort and document the trip to Israel. The goal is to make this an annual event, and in year two, grow the number of participants, and include some 17 year olds as well.

“Foster children will always hold a special place in my heart. I know the type of love and purpose they need in life. I saw it firsthand as my mother raised 17 foster children alongside me. My foster brothers never had the opportunities that most of us take for granted if not for someone like my mother. She was there to give them that love that they needed. The love that we all need.”

Ty Montgomery#14 / Wide receiver for New England Patriots

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