Launching Effective Young Adult Leaders Into Our Community & Workplaces.



About L.E.A.D. Academy

L.E.A.D. Academy is a nine-month program designed to help young adults build skills and strengths to thrive in education, career, and relational endeavors, and become positive members of their communities.

Exposure and awareness are the two major vessels we want to use to transport our participants to the next level of thinking and behavior. It is our goal to cultivate future C-level executives, educators, elected officials, entrepreneurs, community organizers, non-profit leaders, skilled tradesmen/women, and professionals through the program.

In our efforts to be an instrument of positive change, participants will adhere to the following principles and values throughout the program:

L – leave every person & situation better than you found it.

E – enthusiastically do your job with excellence. 

A – always be on time.

D – delight everyone with kindness & a smile.

Program Structure

The nine-month program flows around the development of four key areas —”C.A.M.P.”— that we consider make-or-break strengths for leaders, regardless of age.

Character – the first three months of learning will focus on worthiness, integrity, and commitment.

Attitude – months four and five will focus on gratitude and respect.

Mindset – months six and seven will focus on determination and responsibility. 

Performance – months eight and nine will focus on communication and presentation.

“If our young adults are going to ‘camp out’ in a set of thoughts and behaviors for the rest of their lives, we want to ensure they choose the correct ones.” Pam Parish, Connections Homes Founder & Executive Director

Monthly Learning

Monthly instructive sessions via webinar, conducted by program staff. Each session will prepare participants for the month with four key components:

Thought: One big idea for each month (thinking)

Skill(s): A skill or skills to learn (practicing)

Behavior: Something to implement (doing)

Inspiration: A story, activity, or idea

Community Projects

Twice during the nine months, participants will serve together in a community outreach project which positively impacts our community and helps others in need.

Community Project Partners include:

Job Shadowing

In partnership with our local business community, participants will have five opportunities to spend a day in a work environment alongside professional mentors. Participants will explore basic professional concepts across a variety of professions and trades.

Job Shadowing Partners include:




Final Presentation

Participants will be featured guests of the Connections Homes annual Thanksgiving Dinner & Gala. Each participant will give a two-minute presentation focused on their personal goals and learnings from the program.

Applicant Criteria

Foster Care Youth: 18 – 21
Aged Out or Homeless Youth: 18 – 24

  • Must display evidence of willingness to learn and grow as a leader
  • Must have obvious potential and aspirations towards growing professionally and effecting change.
  • Must demonstrate a strong interest in and commitment to their community
  • Must be willing to commit the time and energy necessary to complete the program fully.
  • Absences will not be allowed and will result in removal from the program.

Program Dates:

*Note: some job shadowing dates may shift as they are confirmed with the organizations participating

March 12 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

March 19 – Getting to Know You Gathering @ Connections Homes office

April 9 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

April 23 – Safehouse Outreach – City Walk & Serving Lunch

May 13 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

May 21 – Job Shadowing 10am – 3pm

June 11 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

June 18 – Job Shadowing 10am – 3pm

July 9 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

July 16 – Job Shadowing 10am – 3pm

August 6 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

August 13 – Community Outreach TBD

September 10 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

September 18 – Job Shadowing 10am – 3pm

October 8 – Webinar Learning @ 7pm

October 15 – Job Shadowing 10am – 3pm

November 3rd – Final Presentation @ Connections Homes Gala


Would you like to sponsor an individual youth’s participation in L.E.A.D. Academy? Email Us for an information packet.