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As the holidays approach, a lot of pressure can fall on fostering families to facilitate meaningful memories and moments. It is always encouraging to remember that simple joys leave lasting impacts. Here are some ways to celebrate with your foster child without feeling overwhelmed. 

Visit Holiday Light Shows and Decorated Houses

Take a drive through your community and let everyone in the car appreciate the beauty of local light shows and dramatically decorated homes. This is a great opportunity to start some dialogue about why people “go all out” for traditions and how they share that joy with others. 

Make Holiday Cocoa or Coffee Together

Any time spent together in the kitchen can be a bonding experience. Just as your holiday beverage of choice warms the body, the experience may bring a sense of warmth and belonging to the child/children you’re fostering. 

Talk About Good Traditions/Memories They’ve Had Before 

Maybe they’ve had some positive experiences with holiday traditions and they would like to relive them. Keep them involved in the process of creating memories and help shine the light on the powerful impact that holiday moments have for all of us! 

Attend A Christmas or Holiday Program Together

If a local church or organization is pulling out all of the stops with a “Story of Christmas” experience, make plans to attend! Let them walk through the interactive, fun-filled story with you and stay engaged the entire time. Not only will this be an exciting way for them to absorb the meaning of Christmas, it will also be an opportunity for them to ask questions that you can answer together. 

Volunteer Together

The holidays are the best time to be an example of love and light in the world. Fostering in itself is a true expression of love and light. Take them with you to give gifts to those in need, feed the homeless, pray over the community, or help shovel snow. Giving begets giving and the model you show will always make a difference in their future. 

It doesn’t take frills, “thrills”, or a lot of money to give hope through the holidays. Hope is the foundation for many of the good deeds we do. Stay inspired to make a difference, emotionally, in their lives this holiday season. 

Be love. Be light.