The COVID-19 global health crisis has affected all of us. The social isolation we are all experiencing has an especially great impact on our young adults, who may be experiencing fear, anxiety, or depression more so than normal. This is also true for young adults outside of our program, who are currently in other independent and transitional living programs.

We believe connection is still possible, even during this time of distancing. And we believe connection provides hope, even if it’s temporary. That’s why, in response to COVID-19 and to protect the youth in our community, we are rolling out a flexible and virtual mentoring program that we’re calling Choice-Based Virtual Mentoring.

Here’s How It Works

  • WE PARTNER with the independent and transitional living programs in our community who are currently working to engage their young people and keep them healthy and whole while they shelter-in-place.
  • THEY IDENTIFY youth who may be suffering due to isolation and loneliness. They offer our program to that young person and give them A Voice and A Choice to decide for themselves if they want a virtual mentor. That young person will then fill out our Youth Virtual Connection Form.
  • WE CERTIFY new mentors after they have filled out our Virtual Mentor Form. They participate in a 2-hr training to be certified and complete a background check.
  • WE INTRODUCE the youth and Virtual Mentor to one another via e-mail.
  • VIRTUAL CHECK-INS between the youth and Virtual Mentor will occur on a weekly basis, via digital platforms they are both comfortable and familiar with (Zoom, Facebook Messenger, Facebook Video, Instagram Video Chat, Google Hangouts, Marco Polo, etc.).
  • WE SUPPORT the relationship between the youth and Virtual Mentor throughout the COVID-19 global health crisis period and extend that support to 12 months if the youth and mentor choose to remain connected.

Here’s How You Can Help

  • BECOME A MENTOR: Sign up to become a Virtual Mentor using our Virtual Mentor Form.
  • SPREAD THE WORD: If you are aware of an organization that works with foster and aging-out youth, please let them know about our new program so that more youth can feel connected.
  • HELP A YOUTH: If you are on staff or are closely connected with an independent or transitional living program, we would love for you to offer our program to your young people and allow them to fill out our Youth Virtual Connection Form.

From shelter-in-place orders and travel restrictions to new guidelines and changing headlines, our foster youth and young adults are feeling isolated, and alone. As we collectively work to #stopthespread, it’s more important than ever that we stay connected to one another and provide relationship and belonging to the foster youth and young adults in our community. We’re in this together.