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Nine years ago today, Pam Parish walked into her new office and officially began the operations of Connections Homes. She had no idea at that time that she was pioneering something totally new – a lifelong mentorship program custom-designed for homeless youth and aged-out foster youth. As we celebrate yesterday’s award recipients, the fruit of her faithful dedication is striking. We praise God for the way He has healed hearts and transformed lives through the power of redemptive connection. Today, in honor of our 9th Anniversary, two anonymous donors have issued a matching gift challenge of $50,000 that expires at midnight. In addition, if 21 donors sign up to give $100 per month by June 1st, those gifts will also be matched up to $25,000. While we are are grateful for all God has done over the last nine years, we know that countless youth are still doing life alone, longing for connection. Your gift will make all the difference! Please make your gift online by midnight or contact us to get your check matched. Every penny makes a difference, and every gift is truly appreciated!