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Grants Manager

Leadership roles at our Central Support levels are critical to our success. The Grants Manager (GM) reports directly to the VP of Development. The GM will work hand in hand with the Leadership team to ensure sustainability of programmatic functions, and operational capacity via application, administration, management, and quality assurance of grants. This role is also responsible for equipping team members across the organization to amplify the stories and voices of our work to enable continual recruitment of youth and families for services and partnership in our mission.


Director of Community Engagement

The Director of Community Engagement, Georgia in collaboration with the Director of Engagement, will map out local communities, conduct market research, creating territory profiles, and assign specific regions to a team of Relationship Managers.

Participate and organize outreach activities, including marketing, planning, and execution of promoting Connections Homes to increase the number of mentoring families.

Inform and bring awareness to the community about the need for mentoring families.

Utilize marketing and customer service techniques to achieve outreach and productivity goals.



Executive Director (Nashville)

Executive Directors at the state level are critical to our success. The State Level Executive Director reports directly to the Founder & CEO and is responsible for the organization’s consistent achievement of its mission and financial objectives within the state.