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Transitioning from Foster Care Checklist

July 29, 2022
The transition from foster care to independent living can be both an exciting and challenging season of life for foster youth and young adults. To help you be prepared and…

Guiding Principles to a Trauma-Informed Approach

June 21, 2022
In trauma-informed care, there are a couple of key principles that can help foster parents create strong, loving homes where their children can heal and grow: Safety It is important…

Trauma-Informed Care in Foster Care

May 26, 2022
It is estimated that approximately 90 percent of children in foster care have experienced a traumatic event. Half of these children are estimated to have been exposed to four or…

Foster Success Act

May 11, 2022
"What a privilege it was to join Lt. Governor Duncan & Rick Jackson for Governor Kemp’s signing of the Foster Success Act. It’s been a joy to work on this…

Aging Out of Foster Care Programs in Georgia

May 9, 2022
Every year, approximately 700 children will age out of the foster care system in Georgia, and 27,000 will age out nationwide. To put these numbers into perspective, the average public…

Does Your Child Have a Friend in Need of a Connection?

April 6, 2022
American foster care is far from perfect. While the foster care system does help connect some children with loving forever homes, they’re often considered the lucky ones. In 2020 alone,…