Becoming a Mentoring Family

Becoming a Mentoring Family for a young adult who has no one is what we call “stepping into their story.” It’s simple; it’s relationship.

Imagine being 18 – 24 and:

⇒ having no one to call when you want to fix a fancy meal for a date and you don’t know how to cook spaghetti

celebrating your birthday and holidays alone because you don’t have a community of people to “belong” too (we typically call that ‘family’)

getting ready for that first big job interview and having no one to talk you through your nerves and insecurity

mismanaging your money and having no one to help you see a way out of the hole

getting married and having no one on “your side” to celebrate with you

experiencing a crisis like sickness, job loss, personal failure or tragedy and having no one to walk with you through it

In all of our lives, we’ve faced times that we needed a shoulder to cry on, a hand to help us up, a steady set of feet walking beside us, and a scream of excitement to share our successes. For most of us, all of those things and more come in the form of a family; our lifelong, stable relationships that are always there.

We don’t want to over-complicate things by using familial terms like “mom” or “dad”— relationships, even lifelong ones don’t depend on titles, they depend on connection, consistency, and care. This is what we invite you to be a part of when we invite you to “step into the story” of an amazing young adult, male or female, who has no one in their life to call in all of their mountain-top and valley moments.

Do you have?

The Ability to Connect – Our program is based on creating lifelong, stable adult connections for young adults who don’t have consistent or healthy family relationships at their disposal as they navigate the path to fully independent adulthood. The success of those relationships is largely determined by our Mentoring Families and their ability to “stick like glue” to the young person in their life, to connect, care, and be consistent.

Flexibility & Availability – The Connections Homes program is relationship driven, not housing driven. We take into consideration the stability of the young adult in their current living situation and rarely recommend that a young adult move into the home of their Mentoring Family; living together often hinders the long-term success of the relationship. Even so, for a relationship to develop time and attention must be given to the relationship so our Mentoring Families need plenty of availability to give their young adult their time and attention. Additionally, being consistent, caring and connected as a part of anyone’s life isn’t always convenient or able to fit within a tightly managed “schedule,” so flexibility is a must. Remember when you were in your early 20s? Everything was a “crisis” and we often called on our own families and meaningfully connected adults to walk with us through them. Our young adults are no different than we were at their age.

A Desire for Connection – There is both responsibility and accountability that accompany a successful connection. It’s important that our Mentoring Families accept the responsibility of being relationally invested in the new connection so that it can grow (i.e. completing Connections Homes paperwork, returning phone calls, meeting regularly and communicating regularly) and the accountability of relationship (i.e. being able to handle conflict, discuss goals and plans, and have difficult conversations when necessary without breaking relationship, walk through things you might disagree with without “judging” or walking away).

The Commitment for Connection – Our number one goal is to make a great match between a young adult and their Mentoring Family, and for that connection to last a lifetime. Whether your role in their life looks more like a mentor than a mom, or more like a dad or devoted uncle, it doesn’t matter how it’s defined, it only matters that it lasts.

We all want to make a difference in someone else’s life, connecting with a young adult who has no one is a profound and lifelong way to make that happen. Are you ready to step into their story?

Get Started…

Our process for becoming an adult connection for a young adult without family is simple:

Complete an interest form to let us know that you would like to step into the story of a young adult’s life.

Complete an online orientation that takes less than an hour. Someone from our team will email you the link after we’ve received your interest form.

Complete a one-day Connections Training. Training is offered every six weeks, dates and times will be sent to you as classes are open for registration.

All Mentoring Families are required to read and sign our Values & Statement of Faith, complete all paperwork on their family history and allow for a state and federal background check. Almost all paperwork is completed leading up to and during training, there are a few items that are needed after training.

We will match you with a young adult that fits your lifestyle, location, and interests. When we think we have a young adult that you would make a great connection with, our team will send you their profile for review.

Connect and build a relationship!