Connections Homes is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting young adults to families. Every year in our country an estimated 85,000 young men and women between the ages of 18 – 24 are living life unconnected to family or any caring stable adult. These young people are living on our streets, in our shelters and in dangerous situations like sex trafficking because they have nowhere to turn. Connections Homes is committed to changing the outcomes for this forgotten population by connecting them with families who will walk with them in life and guide them to a successful future.

We exist to provide lifelong family connections for  young adults who come from backgrounds of abuse, neglect and homelessness.

Our goal is to create homes across Georgia that will provide permanent, family-based environments to young adults as they transition through critical stages of life and into adulthood.

We believe that the foundation of a stable life is found in belonging. Shelter, physical provision and emotional care are all critical and necessary components to healing but it’s the true sense of identity that belonging creates that provides the strongest foundation for transition to successful adulthood.

Through an integrated approach of well-trained trust-based parenting, therapeutic intervention and stable home settings we will empower the whole child to achieve all of the possibilities that life can offer.

Our Values:

Healing comes through Jesus Christ within the safety of connected, caring relationships.

Belonging is essential to every human life. Everyone should have an anchor in life to which they belong – that anchor is family.

Commitment is a conscience choice that must be made daily. We stick with it, even when it’s hard.

Caring, engaged Community is required for every family to grow and thrive.

True Understanding and empathy only come through proper education and training.

The vision for Connections Homes was birthed out of a vision to Build Families and Transform Communities through Victory World Church in partnership with the Bridge Atlanta initiative.