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An old Chinese proverb states that “the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The mentoring journey can seem like, and can truly be, a long and winding path. 

If you’re feeling tugged in that direction, however, it’s time to start with the first step! 

Step Into Your Community 

The community that you live, work, and transact in is often the best place to start researching for your mentoring journey. Connecting with local resource and advocacy centers can help tune you into the needs of your community. Remember that it just takes ONE step to begin the journey. Attending one community meeting, showing up for one community service day, or connecting with one group or organization can help prepare you mentally and emotionally for the next step you will be taking. 

Step Into A Story 

Once you’ve identified the needs in your immediate sphere, you can then begin branching out into ways you can actively step into someone’s story. A good way to solidify what kind of influence you want to make is making a storyboard of your personal goals in mentoring. Asking yourself these kinds of questions can help you be intentional about your impact: 

  • How long (how much time) am I willing to commit to the process?
  • Am I physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually ready for this undertaking?
  • What are my six and twelve month goals for this endeavor?

Step Into A New Role 

It’s time to make the move! Once you’ve linked with your community and committed to a story, you can begin stepping into the role that you were originally inspired to fill. Make the connection with a young person that will transition them into a brighter future and will bring you a lasting fulfillment. The joy of taking the right steps will undergird the mentoring process and help you stay focused and driven toward achieving positive results. 

It can help to journal or record the process as you go. You will be able to go back and watch how each tiny step led you toward your final destination! 

The best things in life take time, take energy, and consume our tangible and emotional resources. Being prepared and taking the process one step at a time is an effective way to conserve the energy needed to fulfill the actual role of mentorship. May this season be your fresh start and your open door to a lifelong connection!