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It’s time to announce another wonderful award recipient. Please help us congratulate our 2023 Thriving Award Winner: Elijah!! When Elijah first came to Connections Homes, he lacked the relational support and guidance needed to truly thrive. In late 2021, he selected Edward & Rita Kelly as his very own Mentoring Family. Today, due to his hard work and healthy outlook on life, Elijah is excelling in life! The Kelly family nominated Elijah for this award after witnessing all of his progress first-hand. Elijah is employed, attends college classes full time, and lives with other flat mates in a subsidized apartment. He looks forward to finishing his core courses so he can concentrate on web development and computers. He takes good care of himself, tries to eat well (does his own cooking), and recognizes when he needs to see a doctor or get extra rest. Eli is a very intelligent, curious and verbal young man who shares his knowledge with others on various topics. The Kelly family frequently asks Elijah, “How do you know that?” He is just such a joy to know and to be around. We are thrilled to recognize Elijah for all of his personal growth and achievements across multiple domains of life. Congratulations Elijah!!!