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We are so impressed by this amazing Mentoring Family! We’re thrilled to recognize our 2023 Redemptive Award Winners: Chris & Dianne Dunn!! When they were matched with a young adult in our Don’t Go Alone (DGA) program, they had no idea all the twists and turns that were in store for them. Through no fault of her own, their DGA youth was facing some serious challenges related to housing security and general safety. Based on the guidance and support of our relationship manager, Missy, The Dunn family went ABOVE AND BEYOND to advocate strongly on behalf of this young lady. They connected to appropriate community resources in order to get the support their young adult needed. Dianne is also an important part of a care team that is helping this young lady improve her language skills so she can get better grades in school. They modeled the principle of “lighthouse parenting” well. They have been reliably there, totally trustworthy, making sure she doesn’t crash against the rocks but committed to letting her learn to ride the waves. They have done a wonderful job giving her a sense of belonging, empowering her to make healthy choices, and guiding her toward the best possible future. Please join us in congratulating Chris & Dianne Dunn!!!