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We are thrilled to announce our 2023 Phoenix Award Winner and extend our congratulations to a very deserving young man – Kelvin!!! The Hampl family has been mentoring Kelvin for four years and they have witnessed first-hand how his positive, perseverant attitude has allowed him to rise up from extremely challenging circumstances. Kelvin had a difficult childhood. This young man has persevered through abandonment, rejection, aging out of the system and a hard young adulthood. Throughout it all, he has never allowed his history to hold him back. Even when he faces trials like losing a job, needing expensive car repairs, or struggling to pay bills, he always maintains a positive, solution-oriented attitude. Kelvin has developed a kind and caring soul, always willing to help others, even when he is lacking. Recently he moved in with a friend whose family had a sudden death, and he has been helping them, mentoring their children, and providing emotional support. Kelvin is always looking for new ways to rise up out of his challenging background. In order to improve his financial management skills, Kelvin meets with his Mentoring Family on a monthly basis for accountability and advice. The Hampl family has also helped Kelvin build his resume, complete job applications, practice interview skills, and follow up with potential employers. Now, Kelvin has his sights set on pursuing higher education so that he can secure a stable career path. We are so excited to recognize Kelvin for rising up out of very challenging circumstances with admirable perseverance, and for becoming a man of great character with a generous spirit, strong work ethic, positive attitude and selfless sense of service to others. Please join us congratulating Kelvin!!!