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For our final award this evening, we are thrilled to honor a very special Mentoring Family with our 2023 Connection Award: Tony and Katie Gonzalez!!! Tony & Katie have been part of our mission since our very first year of operation, nine years ago. They were connected to Jennifer as our third match ever in the history of Connections Homes – all the way back in 2014. They have consistently shown up in her life as she’s pulled close to them, pulled away from them, and navigated tough decisions. They’ve never faltered in their commitment to always be a safe and stable influence in her life. Tony & Katie have always been kind and supportive of Jennifer, even when they have to have hard conversations and speak the truth in love. Jennifer has bounced between Georgia and Iowa several times because of her biological family connections in Iowa. Tony and Katie have always been clear in their boundaries with Jennifer without ever breaking connection with her. In honor of their loving efforts throughout the first NINE YEARS of connection, we are so excited to recognize the Gonzalez Family with this award. Please join us in congratulating Tony & Katie Gonzalez!!!