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Mentoring Former Foster

Youth Through Life

Are you 18 to 24 years old and doing life alone?
Enroll in our Don’t Go Alone program!


Are you a caring community member?
Aged-out foster youth who are doing life alone are highly likely (97%) to end up facing chronic poverty, homelessness or worse. But together, we can change that!

Everyone Deserves Someone

Connections Homes is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to connecting young adults to families. Every year in our country an estimated 85,000 young men and women between the ages of 18 – 24 are living life unconnected to family or any caring stable adult. These young people are living on our streets, in our shelters and in dangerous situations like sex trafficking because they have nowhere to turn. Connections Homes is committed to changing the outcomes for this forgotten population by connecting them with families who will walk with them in life and guide them to a successful future.

of trafficking victims report a history of foster care.
of boys aging out will spend some time in jail, mostly for survival crimes.
of girls who age out of foster care will find themselves pregnant in the first year.
of youth who age out of foster care without a safe, stable support system will find themselves in chronic poverty, or worse.

Free Song Download

WARNING: Be prepared to cry.

“Welcome home come be found in my story….” just one of the many powerful lines in this incredible song written by Kurt Scobie. Step Into My Story tells the powerful tale of young adults who’ve found themselves alone in this world because they’ve aged out of foster care, are homeless or otherwise without family. Can you even imagine?

Step Into My Story was written for the Connections Homes 2015 Annual Gala and shared live with nearly 200 guests at Atlanta’s historic Wimbish House. Not a dry eye was left in the place. Kurt Scobie has generously recorded a live version of the song that can be downloaded at Noisetrade. 100% of all tip proceeds go to support Connections Homes in our efforts of finding belonging for young adults 18-24 who find themselves alone in this world with one prayer on their lips—someone to “step into my story.”