Steve & Pam Parish

Steve & Pam Parish

Some issues are hard to ignore, especially when they keep moving into your heart and home. For us, the issue we can’t ignore is children and young adults without stable, trustworthy family. In 2007, when we first entered the foster care/adoption world, we were a small family with one biological daughter. Our reasons for adopting were simple: we wanted to add to our family and our daughter, Kristan, wanted a sister. We had no idea how much our lives were about to change.

Today, we have seven young women who call us mom and dad. They are each unique individuals with beauty, purpose and potential. But they didn’t always believe that about themselves. Six of our daughters have entered our lives between the ages of 11 and 18;¬†each have faced more rejection, abuse and neglect in their lives than any person should. Their stories are heartbreaking.

Through our family’s journey, we’ve discovered a burning passion in our hearts for youth and young adults who have no one to belong to. We’ve experienced first-hand the power of belonging. The simple things like calling home for a recipe, having someone to call when you’ve gotten a speeding ticket, knowing that there’s someone in this world who knows what your favorite meal is and will cook it for you…. every child deserves those things.

The issue of youth and young adults without anyone in their life to lead them, love them, guide them and believe in them is real. We know, it’s moved into our home six times over and we’re eternally grateful.

Connections Homes is about belonging. Our sons and our daughters deserve to belong to someone – forever.

We can’t tell you how much we appreciate each of you that have said “Yes!” to joining us in this journey. Together, we’re going to change lives forever. We wouldn’t want to do it alongside anyone else.

God Bless You!

Steve & Pam

Our Family

Our Family

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